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Hi, and welcome to LoveLula, The Natural Place to Shop.sonia-pic

My name is Sonia White and I’m the owner of LoveLula.

I hope you’ve had the chance to look around our site over at www.lovelula.com and to see all the wonderful products we have to offer.

It’s been 10 years now since the birth of my son, Nicholas, who was born with childhood eczema and, like any new mother, I wanted the best treatment for him.

I knew there had to be an alternative to the continued application of steroids that were being prescribed by the doctors to treat Nicholas’ eczema and set out on a quest to discover a more ‘natural’ way.

My initial trips to the well-known High Street names offered many a ‘green’ alternative but as my education continued I became horrified to learn that many of the  products that labelled themselves ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ contained far more chemical ingredients than the packaging suggested.

Feeling frustrated and angry at continually being misled by the false claims of these companies I founded Amarya Ltd in 2007 and bought together brands and products that truly were either natural or organic under one roof.

Since then, Amarya has grown from strength to strength.

Every single product from every single brand on our site has been thoroughly vetted by us to ensure there are no SLS’s, no Parabens and definitely no animal testing, giving you the customer the kind of peace of mind shopping that I didn’t have all those years ago.

Early in 2013 Amarya bought the industry-leading name LoveLula and, now combined, are setting the standards for Organic and Natural Beauty.

Whilst I’m obviously passionate about my company, my proudest achievement is the fact that Nicholas’ eczema is now totally under control using only the products that you too can buy from LoveLula.

Running the company over the last 6 years I appreciate that I’ve been very lucky to have had the opportunity to test and try out so many wonderful products on a daily basis and hope that via the LoveLula Beauty Box you can do so too.

The monthly LoveLula Beauty Box will give you the chance to test drive some of our amazing brands and hopefully, like me, you too will discover some hidden gems that you soon won’t be able to do without.

You can see what’s been in some of our previous boxes here

We have three different options to choose from:

  • Rolling monthly subscription
  • 3 month subscription (very popular as a gift)
  • 12 month subscription

You can sign-up here

For all other questions about the LoveLula Beauty Box please review our Frequently Asked Questions here

The LoveLula Beauty Box really is a cost-effective way of sampling new and exciting products and I really hope you get as much pleasure receiving them as we do sending them.

Best Wishes

Sonia White


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